Translation Files - HTML, not RTF?

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The Lectora Online Help directory specifies that translation files will be exported in RTF format, but the translation files I've been exporting are all in HTML.  All our translations are done by a third-party, and I don't want to send him a confusing HTML file and force him to download Notepad++ just to do our translations.  Can anybody explain what happened to the RTF format and if/when it will be coming back?  Thanks in advance.


  • jvalley4735
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    The RTF format is still there.  If you look under the Tools menu and then the Manage section there is a Translation button.  Once selected you can choose the options you want for exporting or importing (what the system assumes is an RTF).  Don't forget to setup your computer to open RTF files in WordPad to avoid any extra formatting that can occur when you open the file in Word and then import back in.
  • wheels
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    For Lectora Online we have always exported HTML for the translation files.  They do not specifically need notepad++ but they do need an UTF-8 compatible editor.  When re-importing the translation files they must be in UTF-8 character encoding.  Many translation companies have no problem working with HTML.