12.1.3 and missing bullets in IE8

rbleeker2034 Community Member Posts: 2
Hi all,
Since updating to Lectora Publisher 12.1.3 the bullets disappeared on html published courses when viewed in IE8.

Quick fix for me was to inject a CSS change to all list items.
I had to force the list-type-style to disc and the margin-left to 40px;


I used jQuery to only force this for IE8 and less.
This may help others.



  • rbleeker2034
    rbleeker2034 Community Member Posts: 2
    BTW: I already had to move all text fields up by 20px for IE8 & 7 .
    I feel the text handling of Lectora is not very good when publishing to html.
    All the line-spacing is wrong and for all text to look vaguely ok to read I manually have to set all text to line-spacing - multiple 1.2 and still the lines are very close.
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