Export As Zip File Failed

jyu5674 Community Member Posts: 4
Hi there,
I am wondering if you can help me figure out this problem. I tried to export a Lectora title to a zip file but couldn't go through. I kept getting a message said, "Error storing resource file [SafeSleep_Final(2).awt] in Zip rc=-1". I ran the error check feature, no errors there. I used the "Publish" feature, no error was showed there either before publishing.




  • ryanswigert
    ryanswigert Community Member Posts: 14
    Hi Jing!

    Sorry to hear about the .zip file error. It seems like you're doing everything correct. I'll check with our Support team to see what suggestions they might have.

  • support
    support Community Member Posts: 96
    Have you tied exporting the .zip file to another location? I would try picking a folder at the root of your C: or D: drive to see if that makes a difference. Many of our customers have User folders in Windows that are actually network attached so that their files are automatically backed-up. If that folder or the folder the Lectora .awt file is in are on a network it may have trouble with network latency writing large files. Let me know your results :)
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