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I'm trying to use the "Learners Comments" features in Scorm Cloud which calls for using the cmi.comments_from_learner.n.comment variable associated with Scorm 2004. However, it seems Lectora doesn't have this variable listed as part of its reserved variables and I don't seem to be able to create it.

Anyob=ne have any suggestions?


  • ssneg
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    You can try writing directly to LMS via standard Lectora JavaScript functions:
    MySetValue( lmsVar, lmsVal )

    Try adding an action "Run JS" and enter this JS:
    MySetValue( "cmi.comments_from_learner.1.comment", "hello" )
  • lea-thompson
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    I reviewed your question with our developers and the cmi.comments_from_learner.n.comment variable is one of the optional variables. That's why it's not included with the other reserved SCORM variables in Lectora. There are a lot of optional variables in SCORM and it would be difficult to include all of them.

    Segey's suggestion above is the work-around. You can use JavaScript in an HTML Extension to access any of the optional variables and report them back to SCORM Cloud.
  • kevin
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    Thanks Lea,


    I'll look into that. It sounds like an option that has a lot of potential. I'll report back here if I pull it off.
  • kevin
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    Thanks, Sergey (just saw your response above Lea's).