Assessment Results Page - Length Adjustment

stevefarrell Community Member Posts: 3
We use the packaged results page that displays when the exam is completed.  We have customized it only very slightly by adding a few auto-fill fields in the header and changing the size (900x600).

A learner must scroll through this page to review questions and answers.  The footer contains an OK and PRINT button which are supposed to be visible at the bottom of the scroll.

I assume that the page size is dynamic in relation to the number of questions.

Our problem is that the OK and PRINT buttons (and sometimes the final question/answer entries) aren't available at the end of the scroll down -- i.e. the scroll stops before the end of the page.

Is there a way to adjust this...?  Is there a reason the we can't see the end of the page.


  • support
    support Community Member Posts: 96
    What were the original dimensions?

    Do you have any of the options set to only show correct questions or incorrect questions?

    Changing the size of the page when you have more than just a few questions can be tricky. You might want to make a copy of your course, then disable the custom test results, re-enable them so they go back to the defaults and then publish out to test it after each change you make.
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