Confusing browser issue

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I had to reinstall my operating system (Win7) as I had problems. When I started working on Lectora again all seemed well.

Everything worked correctly in Run mode and Preview mode. However as soon as I moved to a browser (either served or not served) the following happened: With Firefox (the default) the lesson broke (I will explain below). With Chrome it was ok. However, for the moment I need to use FF as it allows me to run Java applets whereas Chrome is phasing Java out of its code.

There are two problematic behaviours:

(a) I had an audio file which needed to play back a set number of times. This stopped working in FF. Actually, it worked only once. I thought it might be related to Sergey's point that actions sometimes do not detect the completion of an audio file, so I inserted an event. The event was triggered. However it was not needed by Chrome and I was not quite sure how to connect the event with other triggers as it does not seem possible to have one event triggering lots of actions.

(b) The second issue is less important. I have transitions running on several pages but they do not work when I serve them from a remote host. They are ok on localhost.

So... I am really confused. Why would FF which behaved fine until the reinstallation is now broken? Why does the remote installation fail to work on anything but the local server was ok? I am not aware of any small changes I may have made as I did not expect the lesson to break so did not really take good note of my changes.

Why would "On completion" work on one browser but not another?





  • mlapl1
    mlapl1 Community Member Posts: 349
    I think I may have it solved :(

    I needed to install the flash plugin etc... Have not checked everything but FF is now working locally - sorry for not thinking of this earlier.


  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    as it does not seem possible to have one event triggering lots of actions.
    Put all your actions in a group, and set the trigger to "Run actions group".
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