Course not showing score in moodle

I created a drag and drop game consisting of 10 questions on one page that is a little different to a standard drag and drop. It consists of 10 drag and drop questions with 5 possible answers. When the user gets a question wrong it resets that question and disappears when they get the question right. So the student will have at the end a score of 100%. When in lectora or in moodle I can see that it is scoring correctly as I have the show score ticked in the quiz settings and the popup confirms that I have passed.


However for whatever reason when I look at the info nothing has changed and no attempts have been logged like the example here:

Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited
Number of attempts you have made: 0
Grading method: Highest attempt
Grade reported: None

I have added an AICC_Lesson_Status to a show on my final page as Moodle was telling me this a completion status was required but I am now unsure what the value should be and why it's not showing my score within moodle.

Could anyone please advise.


  • support
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    What do you have the "AICC_Lesson_Status" set to? Different LMSs require different settings. Some need it set as "complete", "passed", or "completed".

    Which version of SCORM are you publishing to? SCORM 1.2?
  • tomljagogo
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    I realised, that I needed to have the "Include test score in overall score" ticked in the results section of my quiz chapter. For some reason, it seems to be that my quiz was being seen as one of many quizzes, rather than as than the only quiz there. So it didn't include its score in the overall score when in Moodle hence no score being displayed in Moodle. Which made it tricky to track down.
  • lsilver
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    Hi Tom - Thanks for posting the solution on here. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.