Working with v11 titles in v12

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I have searched the forum and don't see any posts about this, but I can't believe we're the only ones having this issue. My company has several titles that were created in v11 that now need some editing. I have upgraded to v12 and these files don't play nicely in v12. I'm having to go back through every slide and resize/reposition everything to make it fit on the slide. Is there a fix for this?

Also, when I create a new title in v12, the buttons disappear when someone else opens it in v11. Any suggestions there (aside from getting everyone upgraded to 12, which we're hesitant to do because of the first issue)?



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    We are seeing probably something similar where text boxes have to be resized and the font style or size has changed when I have to troubleshoot issues for our developers. Ever since 12 came out it happens basically every time. Now that I have upgraded to V12.1.2, I am now getting a pop-up that says the source was created with different DPI settings. I have not tried to see what the developers are using yet to compare my settings versus theirs, but what is funny is that I went to create a brand new course and selected to use a theme, it gave me the same pop-up for DPI. I don't have a solution as I have just readjusted everything for now, but wanted to put my 2 cents out there.
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    I actually might have figured out what the problem was--I went into my control panel and changed my display setting to 100% and the problem of the text boxes resizing seems to have resolved itself. It also stopped that pop-up that you described and I was also getting. Good luck!
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    Regardless of Lectora version, it is of utmost importance to have all developers who touch a particular project (or one developer on multiple machines, which is the same thing, of course) to be on the same DPI. More info:

    Except for the DPI, opening a v11 title in v12 is usually ALMOST fine. Certainly some Quality Assurance is in order but still quite painless and worth it.

    Opening a v12 title in v11 results in lost buttons (because buttons were overhauled in v12 and v11 doesn't recognize the syntax... they are like buttons from the future for v11) and other issues. So once you go v12, you shouldn't come back to v11, your whole team.

    Generally, I recommend everyone run TWO versions of Lectora (v11 and v12) on the same PC if you have to deal with older and newer projects a lot. They don't conflict and you can use v11 for maintaining older projects, while initiating new projects in v12. And maybe if you have time, migrating v11 projects to v12, doing a careful QA, one by one.
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    I agree with @ssneg - I kept 11 when I installed 12 at my last place of employment.  I'm trying to convince my current employer of the same thing...due to the fact that some users may have a library of courses in v11 that need to be maintained.

    I had created a short course in v11....when opened in v12, it didn't work.  So I opened a new course in v12, and copy/pasted the pieces from v11 into v12. - but it worked.  Time consuming?  Mine was small, so not really.  But a large course, and this process might be a beast.

    Overall, I like v12 better (I am on 12.1.3) - except for how the media player is always on top (despite the Lectora hierarchy) and how the exe publish mode doesn't "smart fit" the window like in v11.  Otherwise - the new features of v12 are awesome!
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    Just an FYI: Back when I involved with a previous employer's initiative of switching content from 11 to 12 we found that we got a smoother transition if you opened 12 and imported 11's content.
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    I've tried everything I can with the exception of completely redesigning our training templates in Lectora. The layout (template) that was created in early version of Lectora no longer displays properly in V12.1.3.  I've checked my display settings and those are set at 100%. I've re-sized a few template items and I still get a white area to the right of my titles, not sure how I can adjust. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included an examples of what the issue is.
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    Which version of Lectora was your template created in? You said "early version".

    Have you checked that the Page Size is set correctly?
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    I believe it was created in either 8 or 9 about 3 years ago. We've been using that same template through all the version upgrades until version 12. Now if you look at the template I posted earlier, you makes the template unusable. Do you have any fixes you can recommend?