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Has anybody else noticed how long it takes to preview your course compared to past versions?  With me it has always been pretty much instant but with Version 12 I am waiting in excess of 15 seconds before anything appears on screen.


  • t_johnb
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    With v12, Lectora uses pure HTML for its runtime, including previewing. This is a huge benefit, in that the preview is truly exactly what you will see when running in a browser, since it is running in a browser, running inside of Lectora. This allows you to preview any JavaScript, HTML Extensions, Web Windows, etc. that was never possible before. The delay that you are seeing is the publishing of the content to HTML, which is done on the fly, as each page is viewed.

    We have recognized the need to speed up publishing and have spent a great deal of development time on that, which you will see in the next release of Lectora.

    15 seconds does sound like a very long time though, could there be any audio or video files on the page which are being converted to MP3/MP4? If so, converting them to MP3/MP4 one time (right click object, convert to) should clean that up and speed up the process.
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    For me, even the slowest pages only take a second or two to publish. It does seem slower than before, especially when clicking through pages quickly, but nowhere near 15 seconds. The promise of faster publishing in the next release does sound great!
  • sgroom
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    Thank you for your replies.