Drag and Drop issues

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I am having a difficult time with the Lectora 12 drag and drop system.

I note the following

(a) I can only have one image containing the drop zones
(b) I seem unable to modify the size of each drop zone
(c) I seem unable to move the drop zones from their current positions (once they are made).

Finally, I have a specific problem that I am not close to resolving. I would like

(a) to drag a text box to a drop zone (which I can arrange anywhere on my page)
(b) If the the box is dropped on the wrong zone it turns red
(c) If the box is dropped on the right zone it turns green
(d) Ideally, one of the options of such a question might be that the red/green would show only after the submit button is pressed.

I have thought of the possibility of using a hotspot question for this - but hotspots seem even more impenetrable than drag and drop questions.

Thank you



  • wendymiller
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    Hi Andrew,

    It is true that a drag and drop question object can only have one drop image background. However, sometimes I will use multiple drag and drop question objects in certain situations if I can. If you think your situation might warrant that, you could try it.

    I'm not sure why you are having issues editing your drop zones. Are you using the drop zone Expanded View Editor? That little button on the side of the Question Creator is easy to miss. But you should be able to edit your drop zones this way. (See attached image. The editor button is circled in red.) If this is not what you're having trouble with, please explain further.

    As for having custom feedback for a drag and drop question, I can definitely help with that. Please see the attached sample. It contains a single drag and drop question that is set up to show a check mark or an X next to each item depending on if the item is correct or not. You could do the same thing and show a green box or red box around your items instead. The feedback for the question is set to issue On Process Question. (From a submit button.) And then whether the question is correct or incorrect, an action group runs. The actions in the action group determine whether to show a check or an X next to each item. Dig around in the AWT and I think you'll catch on pretty easily to how it works. If not, let me know if you have more questions.
  • mlapl1
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    Hello Wendy,

    You are so kind to do all of this work for me. Thank you. With that help, I hope to be able to do what I need to do.

    If  you don't mind, I have one more question that I am sure you can answer very easily. I had assumed that the draggable items would be shuffled, but this does not appear to be the case. Am I right or is there a way of shuffling these items?

    Thank you so much once again


    PS And yes I did not notice the expanded view editor :(
  • wendymiller
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    You're very welcome, Andrew. I'm always happy to help if I can. :)

    As for shuffling items, there are only 3 question types that have a built-in randomization option: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Rank & Sequence. The Matching question type will shuffle the choices on the right when you create the question, but does not shuffle them at run-time. Drag and Drop questions do neither. You would need to shuffle the answer choices yourself when you create the question. To get them to shuffle at run-time is probably possible but would require some serious Javascripting. Sorry that I don't have an easy answer for that one!
  • mlapl1
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    Thank you Wendy. That does clarify things. but creates some problems for me. I am still playing with Lectora. I like it a lot, especially its built-in ability to send form contents. That is really important for what I am trying to do. Actually, I really love it. However, the built-in quizzing is sometimes problematic, e.g. the shuffling and the way the matching is done (yes I know that some people object to matching in principle but there are many ways to use matching). It is surprising as so many things seem to be thought out so well. I guess nothing is perfect - but it is quite close.

    Thanks again :)