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The requirement that EVERY TEXT BOX in the whole title must have its own unique name is RIDICULOUS! Every text box already has a unique id. I'm talking about its HTML NAME.

There are perfectly good reasons to call similar elements similar names on different pages, e.g.: "Main text", or "Task prompt", or "Box 1", "Box 2" and so on. Why should anyone rename their objects to e.g. "Page main text - page 1", "Page main text - page 2", "Page main text - page 3" and so on, cluttering their title and adding extra work? Why can't Lectora identify textboxes by their HTML ids?

Furthermore, why can't the title checker say WHERE IN THE TITLE it found similar names? It just says something along the lines of "There are some non-unique dynamic text boxes in the title somewhere, so unless you find them now, your client will, and I'm not going to help you".

All it takes is to change this:

<textblock name="main header">

to this:

<textblock name="text24061">

Hope to see this change in some future release :)


  • ssneg
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    Correction. The error checker doesn't even warn you about the above problem. Neither when running it from menu, nor before publishing. The only warning is what you see AFTER you've published the title. Not cool :(
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    Some good points Sergey. We will have to take a look at making some improvements the Dynamic Text feature.
  • ssneg
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    @johnb, I actually found a good reason for the current system to be in place. Let's say I have 7 dyntitle.xml files in 7 languages. They contain translations of a single text box I have, called "many lang textbox".

    Under my proposed system, if I open my title and delete the "many lang textbox" for whatever reason, my dyntitle.xml files become useless, all 7 of those. Because I cannot re-create "many lang textbox" with THE SAME HTML NAME. I don't have control over the random html names. But I could name my "many lang textbox" the way I want and my dyntitle.xml would work properly. When creating a lot of copied projects, clones, versions etc. this situation is quite probably.

    So I'd like to update my suggestion (move dyntitle.xml from object visible names to object hidden html names) with this:
    "Please also allow editing object's hidden HTML names manually, with a uniqueness check, of course, to avoid duplicates".
  • rch5807
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    Hello Sergey,

    I am very much new to Lectora, recently i have brought my license also. I will be needing your support in calling the dyntitle.xml's dynamically of different languages.

    I have created a title and enable the option Dynamic text box for all the text boxes.

    Later on i have created copies of dyntitle.xml and translated the english text to different languages.

    Here i got stuck,i am not able to call the different dyntitle.xml's based on my language selection done through the dropdown.

    Can you please help me completing this task.

    Your help is really appreciated!


    CH Ramsantosh Kumar