How to fetch captivate variable in lectora

We are using Lectora inspire for scorm course development. Within the course we have captivate simulations (Demo and test) which are linked to open in new window. Once user completes the captivate simulation test then the test score should be fetched in Lectora.

Can anyone help me out with a solution for fetching the test score in Lectora.



  • caveman0828
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    Hi, Amey.

    I have the same issue and have been searching for the solution for a while without success.  It seems that this is not something you can accomplish easily.  It may be easier if you are good with JavaScript, HTML other web development tools and LMS knowledge for a successful integration.  I did not find anyone been there done that in this community or in Adobe Captivate community.  Keep me informed if you have any luck on this.

  • cotterpin
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    I have found these two links helpful when attempting to get Captivate to talk to Lectora:

    Yes, your Captivate Sim can drive your Lectora Course - shows you how to get Captivate to force Lectora move on at the end of a simulation (not quite what you are after but quite a neat trick)

    Effectively integrating Articulate Engage and Captivate into Lectora - this is a pdf document on the New England Lectora Users website taken from a 2010 conference which goes into a bit more detail on the subject.

    Hope these are a good starting point for you!