Rank and Sequence Question Not Grading

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I have a module quiz/test that uses a rank and sequence question for students to label the parts of a cutting torch. I initially had it set up as a drag and drop, but because of 508 requirements, changed it to a drop down menu format to label each part. Attached is an image of the page.

When the quiz/test is graded, this question shows as not answered and therefore, incorrect.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



  • danam
    danam Community Member Posts: 96
    Hello Vicki,

    Use variables. For this question you will have 12 variables. One for each drop down.

    You can either score this as one question or 12 or score 1 point for each drop down. Your choice. For 1 question use T/F or for 12 questions you can use 12 T/F. Use "On select/change" action to modify the question variable to be either true or false depending on the correct answer chosen.

    I would need to see how your Title Explorer pane is set up and if your properties are correct.