HTML in Quiz "Change contents" action

jayseventwo Community Member Posts: 48
Hi guys, I've asked this before during previous beta testing, but is it likely that support for HTML tags will be added to a quiz response when using the "Change contents" action. Sometimes we need to bold a word etc with the quiz feedback, but unfortunately this cannot be done currently.



  • jabc
    jabc Community Member Posts: 26
    You can add bold (or italics, etc.) formatting to a custom feedback response. Have you thought of that approach?
  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    While you are waiting you might want to do something like the attached. This uses jQuery and jQueryUI. It is very easy to set up even if you not too familiar with using JavaScript. This will give you complete control over formatting the feedback text. Additionally, if you dig a little deeper you can use the jQuery Theme builder to customize the dialog boxes however you wish. If there is enough interest I will write up a tutorial.