When are the new buttons going to be fixed??

jayseventwo Community Member Posts: 48
I really like the idea of the new buttons that came with Lectora 12, and now with the latest update you can save them to re-use, but unfortunately they still look rubbish on high-res devices (Retina iPads etc). The text is all blurry and so are the button edges.

I was originally under the presumption that they were SVG, so I couldn't understand why vector images were looking so bad, but on looking at the outputted code again this morning I see they are also converted to an image, with the image being placed over the SVG area. Why is that? I understand some older browsers do not support SVG, but my browsers all support modern standards, so I should theoretically be able to see the SVG buttons.

It is much better looking to create text boxes as buttons, but I would like to use the built-in Lectora functions where possible.



  • ssneg
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    I'm waiting to the the next version of Lectora. Since it's geared towards mobile devices (and most of them have 2x and 3x physical resolution), I hope it has some love for retina screens.
  • jayseventwo
    jayseventwo Community Member Posts: 48
    Good point Sergey - fingers crossed!