Edit a Title on different PCs

rfuest6134 Community Member Posts: 43

when I edit a title at different machines it happens, that the layout is changed (you can say: is broken). Text displays larger and the menue does not fit on the page. This behaviour is the same in different browsers, so it seems to be a problem of the title itself.

Well, the best way would be to only use the machine, where it is working, but I have to work in the office and at home.

Any ideas?


  • ssneg
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    This is most likely due to different DPI settings on your two machines. Make sure they are the same on both machines (or use Lectora Online, which doesn't rely on DPI I think).


    How to Change the Display DPI Size in Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Frankly, I think Lectora should either detect DPI and adjust accordingly or at least give warning when working on machines with non-100% DPI.
  • rfuest6134
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    That's it. I set dpi to 100% and eyerything looks fine.

    Thanks a lot.