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Still playing with Lectora... I have a question about CGI scripts. I would like to send a variable to a php script. I know that Lectora provides an option for using GET and POST, but it seems to do it only within a form. Is that correct? The documentation also mentions surveys and test results but...

(a) I do not want to return test or survey results and

(b) the form seems to be entirely empty (which is a bit strange) and

(c) In any case I do not want to use a form as such, although I suppose a form can be referenced somehow as the vehicle of the POST/GET

BTW what happened to the OLD forum messages? I have some in my email but the picture is not complete and I had some great help given by sng??? (Sergey??)

I hope the above makes sense.




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    Hi :)

    1. Go to Test/Survey tab, add a Form, set it up (URL, POST/GET)
    2. Now SUPPOSEDLY you should be able to select the "Submit ALL variable values" but it is always disabled for me for some reason.
    3. So here's a workaround. Add a text entry to your form. Move it off the page, nobody needs to see it. Add an action to it: "On Show > Change Contents > Target: This entry field > Value: Variable_That_You_Have_To_Submit". Now you can submit the form and it'll contain the text field value, which is your variable value. Do this for all variables you have to submit.

    Hope this helps. I really appreciate if someone (@dfleary?) could remind me why the "submit ALL variables" checkbox isn't active. I think someone explained it a while back but I guess I forgot.

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    Thank you so much Sergey :). I (and others) are very grateful to you for your detailed help. My "Submit ALL variables values" also seems permanently disabled.

    I will follow up with your advice.