New eLearning Marketplace Community

Hi everyone!

Outside of this forum, I’ve often found it difficult to secure useful resources to aid in my eLearning development. Complicated and expensive membership programs, and long web searchers that lead to the same old resources are just a few things that frustrated me.

I do a ton of web development and rely heavily on the envato marketplace. If you've never used of their sites, you should! They have great resources for web and video. While looking for a website template I wondered why there wasn't a community-based marketplace for us elearning folks.

So, a few months ago I set out to change this and began development of the first eLearning-focused marketplace. Our marketplace community allows individuals to sell and buy the resources they need to create engaging courses. Unlike sites like Elearning Brothers, who create and sell their own resources through expensive membership programs, we provide a platform for individuals like you to sell and showcase their work.

But it’s not all about selling and buying. We also seek to develop a community where individuals share their ideas along with free resources.

Obviously, I'm really passionate about this idea, but I wonder if others will be, too. So what do you think?  We think its a great opportunity for individuals to showcase and sell their work, collaborate, drive traffic to their own sites/forums, and more. In the future we plan to add a freelance feature allowing individuals to not only sell their work, but also be hired to complete custom development.

If you want to take a look at what we developed so far you can go to Currently, the website is populated with sample content so you can get a feel of what the user experience will be. The site is nearing completion and we are prepared to being loading resources and users to our community.

I welcome all feedback and hope you are as excited about this as we are! Happy developing!