A Clever GoTo using variables

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This one is rather simple request (or perhaps not)

I want create links (GoTo Page Actions) to go the 1,2,3,4 page of SubSection.

So normal you would have a action On MouseClick Go To Target: Page Selected from drop down. -- But rather than select the the page I want just say Xth page of Section X.

You while I am developring the pages change but I only want to create the links once. Is that clear ?

Can this be done ? I could store the section names in a varaiable ready for use here/

Any ideas ?


  • ssneg
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    Nope, this isn't part of Lectora functionality, you always go to a certain page (except for Next, Previous and Back). You could resort to scripting to fetch all page names from a TOC, then pick the one you need, then go there but I doubt that would be a time saver or even a convenient option.
  • towers9815
    towers9815 Community Member Posts: 71 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Well thats ok, Thats for your help I guess I gotta build the links after I have created the course.

    Thanks again for your brilliant help !