Lectora Course in CSOD on Safari (iPhone)

Hello all,

Does anyone currently using CornerStone on Demand as their LMS allow users to take courses using iPads, iPhones, or Macs?

We are looking at allowing courses to be viewed on Apple devices (including mobile) but so far we have not been able to achieve a "Completion" during our testing. Some of the courses will finish as though the course has successfully completed, but the completion is not recorded in CSOD. No error message seem to be thrown.

We are using SCORM 1.2 publishing standards.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is anyone doing this successfully right now? If so, did you find it necessary to change any settings, etc?



  • krodgers6170
    krodgers6170 Community Member Posts: 25
    Hi Jeremy,

    My team and I area also testing published SCORM 1.2 files from Lectora Online to Cornerstone On Demand, specifically so our learners can access learning on their iPhone or iPad.

    So far I have been able to get the course status to be marked "evaluation pending" in the mobile view, but I don't think users can evaluate the course from the mobile Cornerstone on Demand app. They would have to access the LMS from a desktop. But that is just a guess. Maybe Cornerstone will have a mobile update release, hopefully in the near future.

    I've added and set the following variables in Lectora Online to get those course to Pending Evaluation status:
    • Target: AICC_Lesson_Status
    • Type: Set Equal To:
    • Value: Completed
    • Target: CMI_Completion_Status
    • Type: Set Equal To
    • Value: Completed
    Hope this helps!



    Kelsey Rodgers