Buy from Trial: Will the titles I created in trial work in my licensed versn

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I am ready to buy Lectora Online from the trial version.  Will the titles i created in the title version show up (be accessed) once I attain the bought license?

Will the titles I created in the trial version - upon publish -  remove the "Was created using the trial version" popup?


Jenny in Tampa


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    Yes, you will just have to publish each title again.
  • Lectora (after an email to support) helped me moving the courses I created during the trial period to my licensed version - even though I had changed to a a different username for the licensed product.
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    Just checking in to see how things went. I did your upgrade process a couple of days back and as Sergey stated you should be good to go republishing the courses.


    Hope you are enjoying!

    Well as much as anyone can enjoy work :)
  • jennyjamestampa
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    Thanks.  The licensed version (from your upgrade) is working wonderfully on Windows computer. Missing some functionality on Mac.  So I do my developing on my Mac, then switch to my husband's Windows computer to publish.

    Can you advise on these?

    Mac: Publish to HTML DOWNLOAD button downloads to a folder, not a zip file like the Windows does. My Mac has WinZip  This DOWNLOAD button seems to call up a _Get PubZip action that isn't seeing my WinZip I'm guessing.


    Mac:  Won't create a template. I get Error 1003 Web demoting error.  The online Lectora does not have a Save As function, so I can't save my title to a different name. I'm stuck.

    Please feel free to phone me and discuss.

    Jenny in Tampa Bay

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    Hmm thats definitely strange. I know a few customers who use Macs to work with Lo exclusively and they haven't reported any of those issues... Or at least I hadn't heard about them. If you would contact support with has much detail specifically on that web remote issue. I'm sure we can get things resolved. I had the QA team do a quick test of the few scenarios that you specifically mention and they were unable to recreate them so I'm hoping support will be able to get to the bottom of them with your help.