Unexpected Image appearing when adding or editing a question

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Good Morning,

I am currently having an odd issue in Lectora Online.

If I edit any question an image is added as part of that question. Despite no image being selected. The image is graphic for a button what was part of the course in an earlier version.

So when I edit question text in Question Creator. I am sure that image with question = None

I click OK and then an image is now part of the question.

I can delete or modify the image (as it is part of the question).

If I go back into the question it still says Image with question = None.

<span>I recognise the image so I deleted it from my resources but it still appears as part of a question.</span>

This happens to all question types. But this only happens in this one course. If I create a question in another course it is ok.

If I copy that question across to my course and edit it the image appears again.

I can add an image of my own for the question. Such as 1 pixel clear image and Lectora retain this. But I still can’t delete this image as well.

Of course if I add a new question it contain the image. It uses the older button image, not the 1 pixel clear image.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Many thanks for you advice and support


  • dfleary
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    I have not seen this and would recommend contacting Support to report it as a bug.

    As a workaround, try intentionally selecting an image (any image). Then edit the question and select "None". See if that corrects it.

    - - Daryl

  • towers9815
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    I did get around this.

    I ended up replacing every  indistance of the image with blank image. Then going to my resouces and deleting all unused images including the problem one.

    I then removed the blank image from my questions. And Lectora retained this !

    Thanks for the help.