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I am testing courses on an iPAD Air 2 and am experiencing inconsistent behavior, sometimes the course opens and sometimes it does not.  I am trying to first identify if the issues is with the course itself in Lectora or the LMS.  The courses do not have flash video. Does anyone have success with courses  launching on an iPAD?


  • ssneg
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    I've seen / built dozens of courses in Lectora that work on iPads, never had a problem launching one. Publish your course to HTML, put it on a server somewhere and open it on iPad to eliminate LMS interference. If it works, you will know that LMS is to blame.
  • jayseventwo
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    We recently went through the process of making our new template tablet compatible. In essence, nothing really changed, although I chose to take some of the Lectora action functionality out and recreate them using jQuery, as it works better across Android/iPad tablets.

    As Sergey above suggests, upload your HTML files to a web server and see if it works on your iPad. If not, you may want to start with a blank template and slowly add in your elements and test, to see what is causing your problems.