Customize the Customized Test Results Page

rgs55 Community Member Posts: 38
When you use "Use Customized Test Results" you have several options to include/exclude features. However, when I selected to display only the incorrectly-answered questions, I noticed a couple of things that I felt needed help! 1) The OK button appeared to not be moveable, so it was way down on the page (hidden) if only one or two questions were incorrect. (My) Learners would have a hard time finding it. 2) If they were perfect (none were incorrect), the page was blank with the OK button still way down and hidden. It needed something...

I found a way to display a message if all were answered correctly (to fill the blank area) and a way to move the OK button to the top of the page. Details on how to do this are in the attached file, but here's a summary of what you can do:

Add a button to the header that instructs the learners to "review the questions, then click to continue." This way it's at the top and they see it no matter how many questions are in the list. The button shows only if their score was less than 100%. Then add a button in the footer (basically replaces the OK button) with a message that they were "perfect!" and this shows only if their score is 100%. This button was able to be moved toward the top of the screen.