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Are there any plans to update the button creator? With the flat look currently trending, It’s great to be able to able to remove the bevel.

But in the button wizard you can only set the button colours as solid colours. It would be fantastic to have the option to create transparent text buttons.

Do let us know if this option is currently under consideration.

Where can I log a feature request?

Many thanks



  • ssneg
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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'transparent buttons' but it's really easy to create trendy modern buttons using custom button functionality. Here's the result (screenshot) and the process (video):

  • taramedeiros
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    What version of Lectora are you currently using? We got rid of the "Button Wizard" in v12 and allow you to create completely customizable button states. Check out a short video on buttons here:
  • towers9815
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    This issue was posted in the Lectora Online section. We are using Lectora Online 2.0
  • taramedeiros
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    My apologies for the confusion...

    Lectora Online's button wizard does not currently support "transparent text buttons". It is on the  road map. In the meantime, there are two ways to create a transparent text button in Lectora Online, or at least achieve the same look.

    1. The first (and easiest and most flexible) method is to use a text block with a transparent background. You can add a border to the text block, and center your text horizontally. This is simple and allows you to easily change the text as needed.

    2. You can use an image editor like Snagit to create transparent images, and then bring them into Lectora Online in a custom image button. These will look the same as using a text block, except that you can create additional images in different colors for the rollover and clicked states, if desired.

    I've attached some sample graphics (including the original .snag files if you wish to edit these in Snagit) and pag example you can pull into Lectora Online.

  • towers9815
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    Thanks Tara,

    I took option 1. I created  text box with a transparent background. Then I added a Custom button that that 3 Resources ( Normal: image that is 100% transparent, Down: single colour image with 80% transparency, Over single colour image with 30%  transparency). This of course gives a nice web feel of mouse over and down.

    The custom button and the text have been grouped as button on the Title Explorer.

    Thanks for the help there !

    Now Do you have any plans to add disabled, visted, selected versions to buttons? (As right now I have to achive this all with actions ?)

  • taramedeiros
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    Yes, those are on the road map as well. In our desktop version we have actions that easily allow you to enable and disable button states. We will be looking to make our online version consistent in an upcoming version, however, our focus for Lectora Online right now is responsive course design (RCD). Thanks!
  • towers9815
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    Need any beta testers for Lectora RCD.
  • dfleary
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    We will absolutely need Beta testers for Responsive Course Design! We are planning to go into Beta testing around mid-August. Check here in the Community for more information on how to sign-up coming soon! Thanks.


    Lectora/Lectora Online Product Manager
  • towers9815
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    Tara, I feel as though that's a mistake. Don't just focus on adaptable design people ! WYSIWYG still has a solid future (along side other choices).

    Daryl I will watch out for that ! Looking for seeing your Responsive Response course design! I am always here and keep my eye out !