Lectora sending Flash incorrect values

kselement Community Member Posts: 17
Here's the challenge - we are trying to send Lectora variable values to flash.

Im using Lectora Online and an old Flash file that was programmed in AS2.

Previously in Lectora we would use "Action > Flash Command > Set Variable" and then in the "Name" field have the Flash variable name, and in the Value field use VAR(lectora_number_variable). This would usually work and Lectora would send a number value to flash. But now this is no longer working. Instead of sending the value (a number) to flash, it sends a string value...in fact the string value is "VAR(lectora_number_variable)". So whatever is that field, it sends. How do we get Lectora to send the ACTUAL value of the variable and not the name.

Thanks :)


  • kselement
    kselement Community Member Posts: 17
    This must be a bug. I opened up the course files within the old Lectora Enterprise and published the course from there and Lectora is sending the variable values to Flash, unlike the online version that sends a string of the variable name to Flash.