SCORM Settings for Courses not Authored in Lectora

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You can upload SCORM courses to CourseMill that are created in authoring tools other than Lectora. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your SCORM settings when you do:

  • CourseMill supports SCORM 1.2 but not SCORM 2004
    Make sure you publish your course in SCORM 1.2 (AICC and HTML are also supported).
  • Letting CourseMill Determine Completion Status
    You can let CourseMill determine a users completion status automatically if you have at least one scored Quiz and you've set the Mastery Score. After scoring the Quiz, CourseMill will compare the user's Score to the Mastery Score. If the user's Score is greater than or equal to the Mastery Score the user's status will update to "Passed" and, if configured, the user will be sent an email with their certificate. If the user's Score is less than the Mastery Score their status will remain "Incomplete".
  • Manually Setting the Completion Status
    If your course doesn't have a scored Quiz or if you prefer to control the status yourself you can manually set it within your course. You will need to determine the best place/time within your course to change the status and build any scoring or progress conditions into it you would like. The "AICC_Lesson_Status" variable controls the user's completion status. It can be set to: Completed, Passed, Incomplete, or Failed. The Completed, Passed, and Failed statuses are terminal and cannot be updated or changed if the student completes the course a second time. When you manually set this variable it will report the change back to CourseMill and update the user's status.


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    Lea - We routinely "force" an Incomplete status for Failed as we do not typically want Failed statuses on our users transcripts.  "Forcing" a Failed course results to Incomplete status keeps the course active in the users My Training allowing them to reattempt completion.  As you note this is done using the “AICC_Lesson_Status” variable.  I have found this to be a very important point of discussion/specification and testing with vendors from whom we lease courseware either via delivery and upload of course files or via SCORM dispatch files.  How this behavior is controlled can be embedded in various different ways depending on the source tool used to develop/control different vendor's courses and can result in the need to work into a vendor's organization to find the person who understands how/where/when the lesson status is triggered.  Experience has shown that is typically someone other than the sales person.  :)
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    I agree. I rarely see anyone use the Failed status. Most prefer to keep the Incomplete and the Score even if the user isn’t allowed a second attempt.


    Of the authoring tools I’ve seen and used so far they all offer ways to change and control the status. But as you’ve seen, they each handle it a little bit differently and the defaults may not be what you expect. Thorough testing is always recommended :)