Course Too Big to Import to ReviewLink

wschneider Community Member Posts: 23
Has anyone received an error saying their course is too large to upload to ReviewLink? I have removed all unused resources, but I'm not sure what else to try. I have never run into this issue before, even with larger courses....


  • eharris6433
    eharris6433 Community Member Posts: 16
    Windy, how large is your published course size?  I believe Reviewlink's maximum file size for uploads is ~250mB.
  • wschneider
    wschneider Community Member Posts: 23
    Thanks, Evan. I deleted my cache and review files and exported the course as a zip file and replaced the current images file with the image files from the zip folder (since zip only adds images used in course). This reduced the size and allowed me to import. Apparently removing unused resources from the title doesn't actually remove all unused files. :) Good to know the max file size to upload in ReviewLink so I knew how much to delete.