A great day with eLearning Brothers & Lectora

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Some of the images are large but I wanted to make sure that all the information could easily be seen.

This is a short story of how part of my day went working in Lectora.


Well today was the first time I want to utilize the eLearning Brothers content so I launch my Lectora Inspire v12.1.0.

Wait I need a user Name and Password? I don’t remember this… I thought this was integrated?

Not a problem I’ll just click the “Do not have a login ID and password?” link

Well look at hat a website that says learn more or Login to account… Well I guess I want to learn more? Yes/no not sure but can’t login to an account I don’t have… So I’ll click the Learn more button..


Wow I guess that I can’t learn more. Lets go back and try to login.


Uhmmm dang it wants a user name and password just like Lectora. :-/

I guess I'll try clicking the links at top “learn more” here we come… I hope.


Hey look at that it worked… and it also says that “These products are included in Lectora Inspire” . I guess I’m still missing something here.

I click the Learn More button under cutout people Library to see what I get.


Really… this is now getting annoying.

Change tactics…. I’ll click the FAQ for more help.


This is a joke right the FAQ is ““How do I log-in and access the templates and assets?“

And the answer is “They are available in the Lectora software program and also at lectora.elearningtemplates.com.”

That did not tell me how to LOGIN!!!!! Wait did anyone notice that they went from LOGIN to LOG-IN?

Ok ok lets go back to Lectora Inspire and try this in another way.

I’ll check out the Help section… do a quick search for brother and yeah things pop up.


I click “Opening the Template Library” and get


WHAT…. Just click LOGIN… REALLY??


That did not work…..

Guess I use the contact us option for more help


clicking the contact us button and…
You got to be kidding….. what in the world is this??

Does anyone else have days like this?


  • ssneg
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    I feel your frustration, I was puzzled at what to do when I saw that as well.

    I suggest that you write to [email protected], providing your Lectora serial number and asking for a valid login and password. I understand that you will only have to login once inside Lectora and then it'll keep you logged in forever. Also, I hear that a single sign-on (no password) integration is coming.
  • lsilver
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    Paul - I just wanted to apologize for the frustration your experiencing and to let you know that we'll work on providing some better instructions for accessing your login credentials so we can make this process less of a hassle. In the meantime we've fixed that link.
  • agustav
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    A related issue--I'm able to get into the Inspire Tools, but can't access or view any of the tutorials--the page just freezes up. Sometimes I can hear something going on, but can't see any video. It's been pretty frustrating to have all of those cool new features, but be unable to learn how to use them!
  • juliesherman
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    Videos working for you now?