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I have an exam set up as it's own (SCORM compatible) lesson.

There is a chapter entitled Welcome which contains a login page and a Navigation page (that is to say a page called Navigation that explains navigation concepts for the exam).

Then I have the Test

Within the Test I have a page called Test Introduction

Then I have multiple test sections

Each section has multiple questions (or pools)

Each section has the behavior set to Randomly select Pages and a value for the pages from the section which is less than the total pool count.

Eample: Pool A has 41 questions and presents (randomly) 10 questions to the student

I have a student who this morning showed me that he logs in, navigates to the first pool, answers the first question and then the examination tosses him back to the Test Introduction page

The only thing that I can see is that on the bottom of the test page we have the page numbers set up - and every time he gets tossed back to the start the page number was errored and indicated as:

NaN of 58

This is, so far, the only student out of a dozen who has experienced this issue (or at least the only one reporting it) but it is repeatable on my computer when as well.

Whenever I get a page which has a properly formed page number on the bottom (ie: 13 or 58) I progress through the examination. If however I get a page which shows the error NaN as the current page number, selecting the Next button will throw me back to the Test Introduction page.

While in preview mode of Inspire - the NaN error is not tossed but clicking the next button does present us with the test results. So it appears to me that somewhere in the logic the system thinks you have reached the end of the examination. This appears (in testing) to only happen on the first question of the exam. If you continually retake the exam eventually you will be able to get past the first question presented - and then the exam appears to function as expected.

Im really scratching my head on this one.

Any help would be appreciated.


After some testing in preview mode I am bale to verify it doesn't appear to be a question settings or test section setting issue.

The exam we are using has 4 test sections I will call A, B, C and D. The sections are presented in that order. Question numbers are a combination of the course id, section id and one up serial. So, course 1 section 1 question 1 would appear like A010101 (for brevity below I will only use section and question number). But, this was included to show that there is not a problem of question numbers repeating in the database across courses.

Section A presents 10/41 questions randomly

I executed the exam 31 times to see if I could proceed beyond the first question presented

I was only successful 6 times

Of those 6 times the first question presented was question number

A03 (twice)





My first thought would be that the questions are the problem, except that among the failures I was presented with:



Both of these questions were also presented as the first question and I was allowed to progress through the exam.

I also altered the ordering of the question pools (sections) to see if the problem was limited to section A.

I conducted 2 tests with the exam ordered as B, A, C, D.

On trial 1 the first question presented was B14 and I was allowed to proceed.

On trial 2 the first question presented was B01 and I was dumped out.

Finally - In preview mode when the exam dumps me out I am presented with my final score (0%)

In live mode (from CourseMill) the system returns me to the Test Introduction page.


Problem appears to be resolved. It looks like there was a conflict between multiple navigation buttons overlayed on the same page location but with different instructions and each button the always on top position. One button reset the examination - the other navigated normally. Both buttons were "Next Page" navigation items.
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