Delay in previewing in 64 bit PC

ash311 Community Member Posts: 8
My work PC has just been updated from a 32 bit to 64 bit, and I've started working on a new course in Lectora X.6. I used a previous course and made a template, opened it on the new PC and started developing the new course. I find when I preview a page, I get a delay when opening in preview mode ==> a spinning wheel/hand, and also same type of delay when I close the previewed page to get back to Lectora. Has anyone encountered a delay like this using a 64 bit PC? Or do I have to adjust any type of setting? Is it browser related? Thanks for any info you have! :eek:


  • md
    md Community Member Posts: 10
    I'm not experiencing this issue running X.6 on 64-bit Windows. However, I did not make the switch from 32-bit Windows as you described. FYI.
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