Printing Certificate CD Rom (Lectora)

lby Community Member Posts: 21
I believe that there is no solution to this, especially when Dr Lectora, Ben, has mentioned it before.

I am trying to print a certificate (CD ROM) full page, landscape, without having the page title and number at the bottom and Lectora won't do it. I can get it to do it perfectly in html and in LMS, but not in CD Rom or Executable.

I believe that the print dialog that Lectora opens under the CD Rom publishing is different than the one that browsers open which allows you to unclick the "Include Page Footer" which opens with preview and html and LMS.

Don't understand "why" the guys at Lectora have not looked into the issue when a lot of people have posted the problem. I have read posts and this is happening for the last "seven" years! It is very silly to provide a CD Rom training and not be able to provide a certificate to the student once they have done the training (without the page name and number, full page landscape).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best to all,

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