Using variables set from an external file?

rjs Community Member Posts: 2
New user question:

I understand Lectora can use variables for questions, answers, etc.

1) Is there any way to import the value of those variables from an external file (e.g. .xml, .js, .csv). The idea would be to create a shell version of the course. Then when the course loads, to import the questions, answers, and other information from such a file and assign that info to variables. Then use those variables to populate the questions, answers, etc. with those variables. Can this be done?

2) If it can be done, how best to do it? Call a .js file and parse with a Javascript function? Another way?

3) Can visual files be specified by variable in the same way, with the variable representing a link to an external visual file (.jpg, .wmv, etc.)?

Thanks much for any advice or suggestions!