Published SCORM course to NetLearning -Persistent data was not able to be stored

Published my SCORM course to NetLearning successfully. Getting message "Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored" message on each screen. Also notice the status indicator I set up on the menu isn't working when the course is advanced.


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    If you are using SCORM 1.2, this might be related to the fact that 1.2 can only store small amount of data (4K) yet Lectora is trying to save more (it saves variables, quiz answers, course progress etc etc), hence the error message. Try using SCORM 2004 if possible and see if it helps. It has 64K limit.
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    Does anyone know if this persistent data (4K) also includes images used in questions (for example drag and drops)?
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    @KFT 60471 wrote:
    Does anyone know if this persistent data (4K) also includes images used in questions (for example drag and drops)?

    Persistent data is usually variable names and status indicators -- it is unlikely that the problem is too much data unless you are trying to permanently save all your test questions or something like that --- no reason to save these since NetLearning does nothing with them.

    We use NetLearning and have experienced the persistent data issue you mentioned, but only when reviewing a course that is already on the transcript. If you want to keep the error messages from appearing because NetLearning (which is probably not a good idea if there is an actual issue with the data not being saved as expected), you can add an external HTML Object that turns off the warnings that Lectora generates when the data from the LMS is not what it the course expected. We added this because we are only experiencing the problem when the course is on the transcript because NetLearning does not seem to save any changes after a course is passed even if it is simply a variable change.

    How to set up the External HTML Object is:

    1. at the AU level, insert HTML extension

    2. set the Type: to Header Scripting

    3. Click Edit and paste the following: bDisplayErr=false;

    4. Click OK

    this will keep the errors from showing up.

    As a side note, NetLearning ONLY accepts SCORM 1.2, not SCORM 2004
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    Hi, We are experiencing the same error in our courses on SAP. We will be upgrading to IE10 corporate wide, and when we began testing our SAP courses, the Lectora one produced the "persistent data" message. The Lectora courses run perfectly fine in IE8 in SAP, so it seems to be some issue when it comes to Lectora's procedure for saving the tracking data. Is there a fix that does not require having to republish our courses with a hacked script?We have hundreds of courses and really don't want to have to go back one by one to add a code to disable the error message.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Perhaps there's a way to find and replace the bDisplayErr variable on your server so you don't have to update all your courses?

    We are having the exact issue that you are... technically our LMS does not support browsers greater than IE8 and may not for the foreseeable future - but our students and clients have later IE versions and complaints are already trickling in.

    Right now I'm trying the HTML Object trick where you just turn the message off using a code in the header. I want to see if this actually works at all before we consider modifying our support files.

    You might have seen this already, but I thought I'd share in case you haven't:

    ... in trivantis.js, change the var bDisplayErr = true; to var bDisplayErr = false; this is located near the top of the page below the commented out paragraph. Once you change this save the file and then re upload this title to the LMS. Edited By: MaryEileen on 2008-1-31 15:47:22

    Good luck to you! I'll be interested to see how it goes (or how it went if you've already found a fix! :) ).

    Related resource:
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    I'm starting to wonder if we have to wait for Microsoft to add a function to IE to resolve this problem. Disabling the error message DID indeed disrupt the functionality of the courseware for me. I have tried numerous fixes including one the Trivantis suggested, none have worked. I've been scouring the web to no avail. Surely this isn't an insurmountable issue, but it disturbs me to think that when our Enterprise moves officially to IE 11 every Lectora course we have may effectively break.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for magic elves! I really like Lectora and hate to think it's unusable on modern browsers.