Position offset from right and bottom

rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
This seems to have become the default for many buttons in my titles. This is aggravating and wasting so much of my time. Is there any way to turn this off across all titles? I don't even see how this is useful. I have titles that I am simply trying to update and every time I enter a position, it jumps to the other side of the screen. Then I have to go to the position & size tab to turn this off every time.


  • setarcos
    setarcos Community Member Posts: 33
    I have actually found these offset settings to be very useful when I am first laying out a course and have not finalized my course dimensions. If I have objects that are anchored to the right or bottom of the design and I change my course dimensions, those objects will automatically stay locked in relation to the bottom and right, but move up and left for the whole course. I have not found that this becomes the default behavior, though.