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All -

I am trying to integrate an MP4 into my CBT but I want to use the HTML options since they have more appeasing controllers for the video.

So I did some research and found out Camtasia has a tutorial how to do it in 7.1 on a webpage which was transferable to Lecotra, found here:

I tried this with Camtasia 8 but they don't have obvious code to copy and paste for an external HTML object in Lectora nor did taking the controller for 8 and copying it to the 7.1 production work(it wouldn't play).

Any ideas? Or if there is a simpler way to accomplish this, just let me know.


  • amwdmw
    amwdmw Community Member Posts: 97
    You can choose a player in Camtasia, during Custom Production output.....or you can use one of Lectora's players. If none of those do have the option of making your own skin. Can't say that I have done that, I am not an expert on creating custom skins.
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