2 quizzes in single AU?

candaceid Community Member Posts: 14
The boss wants the following course structure/sequence: Choice to take the quick pre-Test (high score lets you skip the training) or go through training "Content" (I used Survey for this question)

Test = 8 questions, followed by submit test results (80% min). Pass > Success page & option to Close or Next button to review the Content. Fail > learner is forced to the Content. (I placed this in first Test)

Content = instruction interspersed with the same 8 questions as pre-test. Last page has submit that test results (80% min). (I placed all inside a second Test).

All of the above is in a single AU with 80% minimum score for pass.

Problem is that this Scorm package will not open in my LMS. When I remove the First Test, it will run. So are we limited to a single test in one AU? If so, can I add navigation between more than one AU?


  • jsearcy
    jsearcy Community Member Posts: 61
    I've had as many as six tests in a single AU without issue, but I've never used a survey question in the same WBT, so I am wondering if your survey question is causing issues. I would try replacing that with a link to the content. I hope it is something as simple as that for you. :)