"Composite" Questions

jm Community Member Posts: 21
I've developed an e-learning module with a final test with practical questions. The module is about using a website and some questions require navigating the site or completing tasks. Some therefore require completing 3 or 4 actions to answer, for example to navigate to a particular page and enter a new password.

To handle practical questions (I use Lectora V.11), I place more than one question in the page where learners must perform the actions of a task.

That works well to create the test but when I run the module in html format, the test does not seem to work properly. It seems that Lectora can't calculate test results properly and pass them outside when I use "composite" practical questions (the test works well when I remove them).

Any suggestions on including practical test questions that require performing more than one action? I can separate questions and place only one per page but that raises other issues. Anything else?