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In Lectora X, I was able to have feedback display in a popup window that appeared on the same page as the question. When I trly to do this in Lectora XI, the popup windows appears, but it's on the screen that contains the next question, which students might find confusing.

What feedback settings should I be using to have the popup appear on the same page as the question?


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    I'm looking for an answer to this same problem. My Lectora X.6 course uses pop-up windows to display feedback after each assessment question. The course will pause on the answered question until the learner closes the feedback pop-up window and then it will advance to the next question. After converting the same course to Lectora 11.2a, the question pages no longer pause until the feedback window is closed. Now as soon as the learner submits their answer to a question, the course will immediately advance to the next question as the feedback window from the previous question opens.

    As a test, I changed my feedback to show using the Display Message option and that will pause until the feedback message is closed, but I need to use the custom pop-up windows so images can be included in the feedback. Plus, the Display Message option just looks like a Windows error message. It just doesn't look as nice as a custom pop-up window.

    Lectora 11.2a, SCORM 1.2 (SumTotal extension), Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8
  • steven-burkey
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    I've been testing Lectora 11.2a and 11.3 but there doesn't appear to be a good fix for this issue. After speaking with Trivantis support, it's my understanding Lectora 11 changed how the quiz question pages used to pause until the pop-up feedback windows were closed by the user. Now the questions automatically advance as soon as the answer is submitted and feedback is displayed. The Lightbox option could be used to pause on the answered question page until the pop-up feedback window is closed but those pop-ups appear with unneeded scroll bars, no matter what content is on the feedback window page. I was told the use of "Display Page in Popup" is no longer recommended for quiz question feedback. Instead, the navigation Go To action can be used to open the feedback page in a new browser window. That will display pop-up windows formatted properly without the extra scroll bars but the Lightbox option doesn't impact feedback displayed using the Go To action so the questions still automatically advance.

    The Lightbox option appears to be the only thing that will force a pause on the question pages until feedback window is closed. That would leave an option to use the Display Page in Popup to open the feedback but the windows will have scroll bars even if all content is contained within the size of the page. Or the Display Message action could be used but that option doesn't allow you to add images or other media to the feedback text.
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    Any new development on this?