HTML Re-sizing code?

snutter Community Member Posts: 54
The HTML code that I have always used to force the size of the screen in all of our courses doesn't seem to be working with the new version of Lectora. Without the code - the course displays with scroll bars on the side and the bottom, with the code, it makes the course display too tall (width is fine). Page size is set to low-resolution 785 x 600. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • andymuir
    andymuir Community Member Posts: 30
    What code were you using?

    I sometimes have this problem so add the css

    body {

    overflow: hidden;

  • amwdmw
    amwdmw Community Member Posts: 97
    What code are you using to reset the browser window? I am in Inspire 11.2. Looking for info on how to do this!