Help with a publishing issue!

jwiegs Community Member Posts: 14
I am all of a sudden having publishing issues with my LMS provider - which I NEVER have had before. But they are telling me this is on my end. On my end, everything works just fine - have the modified variable at the end to mark the course as "completed." Have the "Done" button at the end of the test to Process the test.

When I go to publish to SCORM - in our LMS the score comes out as "0." Here is the message I get from our LMS provider:

I checked the content and the score is being set as a suspend data instead of the cmi.core.score.raw field. Here is the communication log from LMS. Please check with the content developer to post the SCORE value part of the SCORM variable cmi.core.score.raw field.

cmi.core.lesson_status = completed

cmi.core.lesson_location = a001_test_1_thank_you.html

cmi.core.exit =

cmi.core.score.raw =

cmi.core.score.max =

cmi.core.score.min =

cmi.core.session_time = 00:00:10

cmi.suspend_data = Test_1_Score=100;

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