Creating a customer simulation

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Hi everyone!

My company had to build a course on sales skills for a cosmetics retail chain. To make things more relevant for the learners, we decided to add a branching scenario game. Basically, learners had to meet a customer, read what he says and choose one of 2 or 3 reply options. Depending on their choice, the converstation developed towards a sale, an upsale, or an ultimate failure.

Our instructional designers were really excited about it. Look at this script!

The client loved it, and it was easy to build in Lectora. However, the end result suffered from a number of issues:

- not being able to see the branching structure (like the above Excel chart) lead to errors (wrong links and broken links)

- manual work of moving changes to the script in Excel into the actual course - reviews were painful

- overall "PowerPointy" feel because each page was just it - a separate page

- finally, Lectora's infamous flicker between pages

So next time we invested into a Flash-based engine that we inserted into the Lectora course. It looked much better with smooth animations, making changes was easier (we used XML for all texts), but a lot of the above problems remained unsolved. Also, Flash became obsolete pretty quickly.

We spoke to a lot of people and found they had similar problems. So we solved it with (yes, you knew I was going to pitch something, didn't you?)

You can look at the customer dialogue game that was built in a few minutes here:

It's pretty easy to insert into Lectora, too, so these dialogues can become an integrated part of your courses. It makes any customer-oriented e-learning so much more effective while leveraging all the power of Lectora.

What do you think? Does anyone need a sample Lectora project or instructions on how to do this?