Reg Drag and Drop functionality in Lectora Inspire vX4.1

paridhi Community Member Posts: 1
Hi I am using Lectora Inspire vX4.1.

I am trying to create a many to one drag and drop question using this version. But we are not able to create this. The correct feedback is shown if all the answers are always arranged in a particular sequence every time. Even if one answer is interchanged, only the incorrect feedback is shown.

I have the following questions. Please clarify.

1. Is Many to one drag and drop funtionality possible using this version? If Yes, how?

2. Is there a way I can get correct feedback if all the answers are arranged inspite of the sequence?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    That version does not support many to one. What you are trying to do was not supported until Lectora 11 without a lot of actions. If you email me your question, I can direct you to a possible resource.