Lectorav11 - Drag and drop

adriana Community Member Posts: 35

I'm using Lectora v11.3.2 and I noticed that the drag-and-drop doesn't seem to work like the previous version of Lectora.

I have 4 drag items, 1 of which is a distractor and an image with 3 drop zones defined. Now the issue is when previewing it in the browser, I can drop all drag items in 1 drop zone position. Where as before it wont allow me to drop multiple drag items in a single drop zone. How can I make it function the same way it would with Lectora X and that is 1 drag item is to 1 drop zone.



  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    It appears they had to sacrifice that capability for being able to put things in piles (allowing multiple drag items in one place.) When I need something like that, I just use multiple drag & drop questions with one drag item per and a transparent drop zone. Then the user can only drop it in the right place. It actually seems to be a better learning tool as feedback is much cleaner -- there is none since they have to drop it in the right place.