Progress and Time Indicator Missing on audio controller on iPad

falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90
I am preparing our library of courses for the iPad. In our courses, there are audio files on every page. I understand from reading the forums that I will not be able to get these files to auto play, however the other features of the controller are not working on the iPad and I’m hoping someone can help out.

In most cases I’m using the default controller in Lectora. When viewed on the computer or on an Android tablet, the progress bar and the amount of time the audio file shows. However, on the iPad, only the play/pause button is visible with a grey box where the progress bar and time indicator should be. So, the user can’t see the progress or the amount of time left on a page.

Any ideas on how I can make these features of the controller visible on the iPad?

Thank you!!


  • heidiworm
    heidiworm Community Member Posts: 11
    On the iPad, the default audio controller only shows a gray box with the pause play button. Did you ever figure out an answer to this?
  • falcon44nkc
    falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90
    Yes. I found out it was a bug with the iOS operating system. There was just a version upgrade in the iPad and now the controller and the time indicator are showing. The controller still doesn't look pretty, but at least it is functioning right now so it is a step in the right direction.
  • rdummer
    rdummer Community Member Posts: 8
    I Have the same problem.

    Did you solve it?