Host Lectora Course for Web Portfolio

catlady Community Member Posts: 6
Hey all, I have a question that I might be over thinking. I am in the process of creating an online portfolio of work. I have created an "About Me" course in Lectora that I would like to have on my website. How can I host this course on my site?

Ideally I want it to look like it is embedded in the page, but a link would work too.



  • ssneg
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    Publish to HTML. You will get a folder with a few html files and images. Upload that folder to your webpage server. Link to index.html. If you want to embed it, add an iframe to your website, link it to your course. Or let it open in a popup.

    If the above sounds like gibberish to you, you should pay someone who knows web to do it. They don't have to know anything about Lectora, just give them the published files. I'd say it's about 10 minutes work at 10-15 USD / hour. Plus all the time they would need to get the necessary information (website address, upload passwords, etc) from you. Look at, it's really good.