Transparant shape (box) to cover video is black in .awt and transparant in SCORM

velucas Community Member Posts: 20

All transparant objects like texts and shapes layered above a video file turn into black. When I publish to SCORM they are transparant.

I use this feature because a question must appear on a paused video. Since all video's are Mp4, there is always a possibility to restart clicking on the video. To prevent a user doing this (instead of answering the question) I put a transparant box on top of the video. In Publisher 11.1 this box covers the whole video in black, which is annoying.

By the way, great feature of Lectora to use events in a video for triggering actions!



  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Should be transparent. Try pressing F5 to refresh scree. Other than that, unknown. Report as a bug.