JQuery Carousel - Custom buttons and pop up texts.

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Hello there,

I´m new to the whole Lectora business and overtook some projects of my colleagues. Now I´m getting into Lectora but still have some problems to understand everything, so I hope that you can help me out.

Right now I have some issues with a JQuery Carousel. I copied the code from an already working Carousel,integrated it into the new course and replaced the old images with the needed one (I blacked them out, though since I´m not sure if the customer is ok with showing the products around).

So far so good, I also replaced the buttons from the old layout with the new one, which you can see in the screenshot.

But as you can see, they float relatively high in comparsion to the carousel and I would like them to be more in the middle. SO my first question would be how I can do that.


As you can see my predecessor also used external buttons, somehow linked them with the JQuery Application and just moved them to the middle of the carousel.


While I used the integrated button function in the JavaScript Code and merely swapped the image used for the button.


How did my predecessor did that? Or do you know an easier way to move the buttons to the middle?

Another point are the pop up texts which you can see in the old course. I can add such text without problem with the options Lectora offers me, but I have no idea how you can link the JQuery Carousel with the texts in Lectora. How can you do that? In detail, I have my functioning JQuery Carousel, where I move through certain productimages and I have on the other side additional information text which shall pop up if I click on a certain image. While using only Lectora this goes easily by making the texts initially hidden and make them appear if you press a certain button. But how can I link that with an interactive JQuery Carousel?

Thank you very much for your help.


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    If you write me an email, I'll be able to help you with that.

    tim.krueger @ free-learning.de

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    Doing what you are asking isn't hard to do (depending on how much you know about JQuery, of course). Just link the carousel events to either Lectora functions that either run appropriate action groups or directly show/hide the textboxes. You can assign classes to any objects in Lectora, so it's easy to manipulate them in JQ.

    But it definitely goes beyond the scope of "help me with Lectora", because there are multiple carousel implementations in JQuery and a ton of ways it could be implemented in your course. Get in touch with me via email ([email protected]) or Skype (ssneg_) and we'll see what we can do. Shouldn't be more than an hour of work. Or maybe we can turn this into a workshop / Q&A, since it looks like you could benefit from a proper introduction to Lectora. We're located in Latvia, which means two things:

    a) we're 1 hr away

    b) it's public holiday on 24th :) but you can still email me


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    Hear, hear, you shoudn't miss an invitation to Latvia. Excellent place to be in June.

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    I meant the time difference but if anyone wants to come, let me know, all beer is on me :)