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Smartmind Online Teaching presents sap grc online training

.Our SAP GRC teachers are highly-proficient and well-experienced trainers.Our drain GRC on-line teaching is one of several Biggest online learning India.All our folks were Pleased With our online training and in a posture to uncover Work simply in USA, English, Singapore, China, Europe. Teaching that is online can be your one-stop therapy regarding learn drain GRC your own property with schedules which are accommodating

Online Training supplies the SAP GRC Online Training Program in a global setting that is true.

SAP GRC Program content format:


• • Overview of SAP GRC Access Control

• SAP GRC Access Control Authorizations

• Risk Analysis and Remediation

o Overview

o Verification of Installation

o Introduction to the SoD Risk Management Process

o Rule Building and Validation

o Risk Analysis

o Risk Remediation

o Mitigation

o Continuous Compliance

• Compliant User Provisioning

o Overview

o Verification of Installation

oCompliant User Provisioning Functionality

o Workflow-based Reviews

o Compliant User Management Lifecycle

• Superuser Privilege Management

o Overview

o Verification of Installation

o Superuser Privilege Management functionality and uses

• Enterprise Role Management

o Overview

o Verification of Installation

o Configuration Review

o Workflow Steps

• Access Control Integration

o Integration between all Access Control Products

o Compliance Reporting

SAP GRC online training is provided for two versions SAP GRC 5.3 and SAP GRC 10.0. Our trainers more than 5 years of experience in online SAP GRC training. Smartmind is that the one among the foremost leading Online Training Institutes within the World. Every faculty has Real Time experiance .Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN etc.

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