Want Feedback response to be an image

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I have created images for question feedback response. One for correct and one for incorrect and have added them to the feedback settings. I added an action to the image for the user click on the image to hide it. Both images are at the top level of the quiz and initially set to hidden.

When I preview in Lectora and click the next button after answering a question, it navigates to the next question and the correct feedback image appears, and when I click on it, it disappears. Exactly what I want it to do.

However when I publish and upload to my LMS, the next button does not navigate to the next question. It just triggers the image to appear. I can make the image disappear clicking on it, but the next button just triggers the image appearing, and not going to the next question.

I have also tested in cloudscorm with the exact same results as my LMS.

I would really like something different than the text message box to appear for my feedback, but it's the only thing I can get to work.

I am fairly new to Lectora, and all of this action stuff is frustrating trying to figure out how to get actions to do what you want, when I could do the same thing a lot easier in other development tools.

Any ideas of what I'm doing/not doing?

I also changed the action on the images from clicking the image to it hiding after 2 seconds and that worked in Lectora but did not in my LMS.


  • ssneg
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    Sounds weird. I'd gladly do some testing and take a look at the problem if you could share the title (just a sample page, no need to share all of it, and of course you can replace any texts with gibberish for privacy). You can email it to me ([email protected]) or attach a zip file here on the forums.
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    I too would have to see the code. Maybe you could the resource manager and release all the unused resources in the do file export zip and send that make a copy of the course and then reduced test to just two or three questions and get rid of all content.

    Then open the resource manager and click on the unused tab and remove them. Then close the resource manager and go to the file menu > export > zip. Senate file to ssneg above and myself. One also figure out.
  • rwalters
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    Couldn't you just add an on mouse click go to next page action to the image?
  • ssneg
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    @rwalters 63556 wrote:
    Couldn't you just add an on mouse click go to next page action to the image?

    This is exactly what I did when I helped the topic starter with her course over email. I moved the "go to next page" onto the feedback image and replaced the "next" button's action with just "process the question". The problem was that I had to add it on each question page, because "Process question" requires a specific question object as target. Lucky for me, this one had only 4 or 5 questions, I've seen titles with hundreds of questions!